What exactly is an internship?


Internships provide on-the-job training and real work experience and a distinct competitive advantage!


"An internship is a voluntary investment into your future and will set you apart from the rest!"




And in legal terms?


The Fair Work Act explains exactly how internships are seen in Australia: LINK

Why us and not the competition out there??

What sets Internship Agent apart?



Our commitment, international placement expertise,

high level of service and fair price.


Compare yourself. We are hundreds, even thousands cheaper than most agencies; always maintaining the highest level of service.


"Government and educational bodies like 'Arbeitsagentur' (German Federal Employment Agency) encourage students and graduates to participate in a programme such as ours as they see the benefit in internationalisation of their youth."

Why Australia?

An internship in Australia will give you the opportunity to gain valuable training and experience in your requested field in an English speaking, professional environment. Australia is also is rated "the best country to live and work in, worldwide!" (OECD) An internship here will furnish you with international experience within your chosen field of study while guaranteeing a perfect work life balance.  

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What are you waiting for?? Come to Oz! 


Apply now!

Our list of open placements is updated on a daily basis:


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