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BEWARE: We constantly hear from students about internships which could be classified as unpaid work or exploitationThese worrying news came from interns who arranged their internships themselves, without a professional agency like ours backing them and protecting the interns' interest!

We will always resolve any issues immediately. That is a guarantee you won't get when arranging an internship yourself!


When choosing an internship agency make sure the Agency is registered with the Australian Business Register ie Australian based and check the background of the staff listed on the agencies website on Linked In.

Always check whether the staff of the company actually has placement experience. Do they have genuine endorsements and recommenations, are they accredited or certified consultants? Who do they work with? Who have they placed with? How many have they placed?

Internship Agent's staff have worked for and with Government agencies, private individuals and educational bodies and placed hundreds of interns, always ensuring that the internship is viable and and beneficial.


Fees: Does the agency make you pay a charge or fee that is non refundable? Or does the agency ask for a refundable deposit? Does the agency publish all prices and is the pricing structure easy to understand?


"A small, independent agency offering bespoke solutions

is the better option in most cases!"

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