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"Due to its thriving economy, the Australian Government is encouraging greater cultural exchange by expanding its Working Holiday Visa (WHV) Program to a larger list of partner countries.
Australia is currently in negotiations to expand their list of partner countries for the WHV Program with countries including Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Poland and Portugal, just to name a few.

A Working Holiday Visa is a great way for young people to visit Australia and experience the diversity that Australia has to offer." [...]

Source: Migration Expert via WYSE Newsletter

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Come hear us speak! 11/10/2014 - Sydney Town Hall:


"The aim of this seminar is to introduce the attendees to the Australian job market and its vast possibilities for their career and future. During this seminar we will introduce the unique Australian job environment, related statistics and how Human Resources (HR) operate and source. Our main focus will lie on skills that an interviewee will need to acquire in order to be successful during a potential job interview. Lastly, we will introduce the services of an internship agency and why it may be beneficial to seek professional advice before approaching a potential host company."



New Colleagues: 30 years of combined HR, Recruitment and Customer Services experience of our staff

With multiple years as Career Advisors, Headhunters and Recruitment Consultants and having worked as HR administrators and advisors we are the perfect people to speak to with regards to the perfect intership placement!

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Previously based in London, England we have recently opened our presence in Sydney, Australia permanently to best serve our Intern Base on location.

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