Placement Procedure

1 The intern submits the application form online.


2 The intern is contacted by one of our agents / professional career advisors and their requirements discussed.


3 If the application is successful, the intern needs to send their CV to the agent and pay a refundable security deposit which guarantees the internship. The intern will receive a confirmation email with further instructions as necessary.
!!The intern must at this point, at the latest, apply for a Work and Travel Visa with the Department of Immigration!!


4 Appropriate companies are contacted; the accommodation and services are booked, as applicable. If the deposit for the accommodation has not yet been paid, it will be levied at this point.


5 The Intern receives information on the Host Company deemed most suitable. Interview and bookings are reserved.


6 The intern researches the company, the role and any interview requirements, where applicable.


7 The Placement is confirmed or an Interview takes place.


8 Feedback is given to both Intern and Host Company as applicable.


9 Upon successful internship confirmation by all parties, a Letter of Acceptance and Internship Deed are supplied to both the Host Company and the Intern, along with the final invoice and information about the company and any further requirements.
Additional services such as a Sim Card, a Bank Account etc. are secured free of charge. A booking confirmation of language classes and accommodation including all details are supplied, where applicable.


10 The Programme commences


11 The First Internship Diary is due after 4 weeks of training. The company is contacted about the intern's performance and how the intern settles in.


12 Facilitation of Accreditation: A Certificate of Completion and Letter of reference are issued, as applicable upon completion of the programme.

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