Terms of Business


Applicant– herein named ‘intern’

Service Provider – herein named Internship Agent


All prices / charges are in AUD $


Internship Agent reserve the right to refuse to accept a service request in whole or in part. 


Once services are accepted as requested, they cannot be changed or altered. All information on the booking form, as confirmed during the application process, must be provided correctly. Failure to do so may result in an inadequate placement for which Internship Agent cannot be held liable. Should the intern require any additional services after the application is accepted by Internship Agent, an additional fee may be applied.


After the acceptance of the application for an internship and/or any other services, the amount of $149 is payable as a deposit. This can be levied via bank transfer, credit or debit card. Internship Agent guarantees the placement after the funds for the placement fee deposit have cleared. In the unlikely event that Internship Agent fail to provide an internship placement, any deposit funds will be refunded in full, with a minimum of delay.


The deposit is non-refundable should the intern be refused a Visa for entry into Australia or cancel the programme for any reason after the application process; regardless whether the intern has already received a placement confirmation or not.


The Intern must not start any part of the programme before the full programme fee is levied. All payments are to be made in AUD $ and any bank charges are to be paid by the sender. The intern is advised to take out sufficient insurance to cover any cancellations due to illness, accident or higher power that are outside of the intern's control.


Internship Agent is not liable for any loss or damage to a person or the intern’s property whilst providing its services. It is a basic stipulation of the contract between the intern and Internship Agent and /or their service providers and partners, that neither Internship Agent nor any of their providers will be held liable in the case where Internship Agent and/or the provider is unable to fulfil any services to which Internship Agent or the provider is contractually bound, due to a labour dispute, changes in legislation, fire, natural disaster, power surges or any other act or condition beyond the reasonable control of Internship Agent and/or their partner providers.


Internship Agent does not offer any assistance with visa applications. The visa application is solely the responsibility of the intern and all interns need to insure that the required visa is obtained before any travel to Australia. Internship Agent requires a copy of the photo passport page and proof of visa to provide services such as the internship placement, organising a mobile phone sim card or the bank account/visa debit card with a bank.



The minimum period for an internship is 6 weeks; the maximum duration is 26 weeks. 

The internship is unpaid as per the FW Act. The intern must submit the application form and pay the deposit fee at least 6 weeks prior to their planned arrival date or start of the internship. Interns who wish to book a course less than 6 weeks prior to their starting date must contact Internship Agent first before applying as such a booking can only be accepted under certain circumstances and in writing. CV and motivation letters must be e-mailed to Internship Agent within 48hrs of applying. An introductory Video of the intern must be sent within 7 working days of the application interview. After the first 4 weeks and every 4 weeks thereafter an internship diary must be completed online, if the internship is to be certified for a university or study course.

Hospitality candidates (Food and Beverage Department only) are required to complete the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate at an additional cost of $150. RSA is a pre-requisite for all Hospitality Interns to be completed prior to internship commencement. (An online course is available.)

If the intern is dismissed from a company for poor performance, due to misbehaviour or gross misconduct no alternative placement or refund will be offered. Interns must not simply quit a placement or leave a host company. In the unlikely event of a problem or issue with the placement Internship Agent must be notified with a minimum of delay before taking any action. 

Should the intern need an alternative placement, for valid reasons, one will be provided in the shortest possible time.

If the chosen company the intern originally selected at the time of the confirmation is no longer able to offer an internship placement, an alternative of similar level and profile within the same field will be offered. The intern will be offered up to a maximum of 3 internship placements in a selected field. If the intern does not accept an internship placement relevant to their file no refunds will be offered.


The intern must be available for a telephone/Skype interview if the company requires speaking with them. The intern will be advised of the time and number that the intern must call or if the company will call them. The internship fee is non-refundable, before or after starting a placement. Once a placement is confirmed the remaining balance must be paid, in full, within 7 days, or immediately if the arrival in Australia or start date is sooner than 7 days in the future.



To book accommodation with Internship Agent, the intern must do so at the time of applying. Any last minute, additional bookings for accommodation will be charged with an additional AUD $250 per booking.

If Internship Agent cannot offer accommodation in a host family as per the booking, an alternative will be offered in a student apartment or youth hostel and vice versa until the original booking can be confirmed. The minimum period for a booking in any accommodation is 6 weeks, the maximum is 26 weeks.

Fees are quoted in Australian dollars (GST inclusive) per person and are subject to change without notice. Full board includes two meals a day and, unless otherwise specified, food will be available for students to make themselves a light lunch (i.e. a sandwich and piece of fruit). Most homes are located within 40 - 60 minutes travel time to the intern’s place of internship.


If the intern books accommodation for part of their stay and wishes to extend the stay later in the same type of accommodation this may not be possible. The intern may be required to choose from another type of accommodation or there may not be any accommodation available at all, in that case Internship Agent cannot be held responsible. Should the intern over-stay by a few days, they will be charged $40 per night.


At the time of the booking a non-refundable booking confirmation charge of $250, levied by the accommodation provider through internship agent, is payable. If the intern decides to cancel the accommodation up to 48hrs prior to their arrival (whether they have received the host family / apartment details or not) for whatever reason, the booking fee of $250 will not be refunded. If an intern decides not to move into the premises or vacate them immediately after their arrival, a calendar month’s notice applies. In that case, a calendar month’s price of accommodation administration fee will be applied before refunding any moneys due. If a month’s notice is given, a charge of $250 administration fee will be charged and the rest of the money will be refunded within a maximum of 14 working days. If an intern wishes to change families within the period of their original booking then a $250 administration fee will apply. Change of family after the initial booking period will be treated as a new placement and a new placement fee must be paid.


The rules of the accommodation provider have to be observed at all times (Please see below). If the intern wishes to change their accommodation, they will need to give a month’s notice.  In the unlikely event of a problem or issue with the accommodation, the intern must contact Internship Agent with a minimum of delay. Internship Agent will always endeavour to provide immediate assistance and will provide an alternative accommodation, where applicable with a minimum of delay. A refund or assistance cannot be offered if the intern fails to inform us of any problem or issue.



Language Courses

Language classes through Internship Agent must be booked when submitting the application. A 10% non-refundable booking fee of the total cost of the classes will be applied at the time of the application interview. 

The courses are non-transferable and dates cannot be amended. All courses start on a Monday. Should that Monday fall on a public holiday, the course will commence on the following working day. Internship Agent does not provide a refund for cancelled school days due to public holidays or other reasons of absence. The intern must call the school to inform them, should they be unable to attend classes. Internship Agent reserve the right to cancel booked classes.  In the unlikely event that language classes need to be cancelled, a full refund for the amount of the language school fees will be processed within 14 working days. If the intern wishes to amend classes booked,  they may be able to do so, but they will have to communicate with the applicable school directly (subject to the schools individual terms and conditions) Please ask at the time of the application interview for a copy of the schools terms. The school may levy an administration charge or price difference. This too is subject to the individual institutions terms of business.

The Intern's individual level of English will be evaluated by an appropriate member of the school board who will determine the exact course of studies the intern will be enrolled in at the school.

Criminal offenses, violations of the Intern code of conduct or school policies, as much as poor attendance or failure to pay outstanding school fees will result in immediate expulsion or suspension. Any serious illnesses, allergies or disabilities must be reported at the time of the booking. All interns must be of good health; any change to an intern’s state of health may result in them being requested to leave the school, should they be considered unfit to complete their classes. Neither Internship Agent nor the school can accept responsibility for the Interns' personal possessions left unattended on school premises.


Airport Pick up/ Taxi

The intern will need to provide exact arrival/travel/flight details via a specific form issued by Internship Agent. It is imperative that the information provided is correct.  Internship Agent do not take any responsibility for any incorrect information provided in the aforementioned form. The designated driver will wait in the arrival hall of the airport or train station displaying the interns name on a white board. In the unlikely event that the driver is not waiting as expected, the intern must report to the nearest information desk and ask to call for Oz Homestay’s driver. If this proves fruitless, the intern should call Internship Agent’s emergency hotline 0487 900 650 and ask for advice. No airport transfer refund applies if an Intern cannot locate the driver. Internship Agent will contact the driver or Oz Homestay and make sure that Intern and driver link up. Interns that make their own way to the host family without calling emergency numbers and following our instructions will not have their transfer fee refunded. Pick up / Transfer fees are non refundable in general.


Agent Money

The Terms and Conditions of St Georges Bank apply. 


Agent Call

The Terms and Conditions of Lebara Mobile apply. 


Homestay Provider

The Terms and Conditions:

Please be polite, respectful and friendly to all members of the Homestay family and respect their privacy.


  • It is customary and polite, to say “please”, when asking, and “thank you” when taking.
  • Australian’s generally do not have locks on their internal doors; please do not enter other people’s bedrooms without permission, even if the door is open.
  • Do not enter the bathroom if the door is shut, knock first to make sure that no-one is using the bathroom.
  • Please communicate with your family regarding smoking, playing music, eating etc. 




Please inform the homestay of any damages around the house, or accidents. Interns must pay for any damages or breakages caused by them or their visitors. 



Please ask the homestay family, in advance, if you wish to have friends visit you at home. Your visitors must leave the house before 10pm at latest, or earlier if requested by the homestay family. Visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted in your bedroom unless approved by the homestay. Friends will only be allowed to stay overnight with the family’s permission, which should be requested in advance. 



The Intern is to pay for all of their own telephone calls. Please discuss the telephone arrangement with the family prior to making calls. Purchase an international phone card from the local shop to use when ringing home – do not ring mobile (cell) phones from the host family home – it is expensive. Inform your family back home of the time difference and ask them not to ring after 10pm Sydney time as it is not acceptable and inconsiderate, to most families to receive late night calls. 



Internet connection is expensive in Australia – most host families will charge on average, $10 per week extra to have access to the internet – this fee does not give you unlimited access. Please do not download music or movies unless you ask the host first as this could use all their monthly usage. The weekly internet fee is to be paid to the host family directly. 


General Cleanliness

Please keep your bedroom tidy and clean at all times. Your bed should be made daily. Please keep your possessions tidy and do not leave them around the house. If you are preparing snacks for yourself, please leave the kitchen clean and tidy afterwards.

Leave the bathroom clean and tidy after use.


  • Please do not “squat” on the toilet seat. Sit with feet on the floor.
  • Please do not put your used toilet paper in the waste bin – put in toilet only.
  • Dispose of sanitary pads properly – wrap them and put in waste bin provided. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE TOILET!!!!! 
  • If you are not sure, ask your homestay mother.
  • When showering do not allow the water to go onto the floor outside the shower cubicle.
  • As there is a shortage of water in Sydney, please keep your showers short (10 minutes maximum).
  • Be considerate – do not spend too much time in the bathroom, remember other family members are waiting to use the bathroom as well.


Help with tidying the table after meals and assist with wiping the dishes.

The homestay family is not your servant and you are not living in a hotel where everything is done for you. You are living as part of a family and are expected to contribute to light duties around the house. 


Host families are required to provide you with breakfast and dinner everyday and also lunches on weekends. Note that breakfast will usually consist of toast or cereal, and you will probably have to "help yourself." Cooked breakfasts are not common in Australia. Please call the homestay family, at least one hour before meal time, if you will not be home for the dinner or you will be late for dinner. It is a good idea to inform them before you leave for school in the morning. 


Laundry or Washing of Clothes

This is to be negotiated with the family. The homestay family will provide a washing machine etc. Some homestay families will offer to include the Intern’s washing as part of the family laundry; others prefer the Intern to do their own washing. Do not use the washing machine to wash only one or two items as this is wasting water. Make sure you have a half or full load, depending on the settings of the machine. Ask the homestay family how to use the washing machine and how much soap powder to use. 


Cash and Valuables

Do not leave any valuables lying around the house. Keep all valuables in a locked bag in your room. Large amounts of money should be kept in a bank account or in a safe at the bank. Do not leave them in the house and do not tell anyone that you have large amounts of cash. If you are going out – do not carry large amounts of cash in your wallet or purse and make sure you don’t allow other people to see how much cash you have on you when paying for goods. Be discreet. 



All care is taken by The Accommodation Provider and your homestay family to ensure you and your valuables are safe however they do not accept any responsibility in the case of personal injury, accident or loss of personal items. It is therefore important that all Interns take their own personal travel insurance to protect themselves against these occurrences by signing up to Internship Agents Insurance scheme, or similar cover. 


Family Outings

If your family is going on an outing and invite you, then this is a great opportunity for you to see other places, talk with the family and relax. Try to participate with the family as much as possible; even if it is supermarket shopping, this will help with your English and learning about the Australian culture.  





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